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Future Proof Kilkenny

Now in May, a walk in the woods will show up many differences from how things looked last autumn. The woodland is regaining its clothing and the life signs we saw earlier in the year are now well on their way to maturity. Some, like the Bluebells (a fantastic spectacle in Jenkinstown) have just about reached their Pinnacle for this year and are now giving way to other activity on the woodland floor.
One group that doesn’t dissappear for the winter is the deer kept in a walled enclosure

Jenkinstown Castle, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, ca 1830. Engraving by R. Hords from an original study by Samuel Austin R.W.S.

and easily visible through the big gates at the car park. These walls and all the ruins throughout the park are reminders of the castle that once stood here.

On a walk through Jenkinstown expect to see a mix of broadleaf and conifer including Beech, ash, oak and Norway spruce. Other wildlife to be found are fox, badger, stoat, red and grey squirrel, pine Marten along with the long eared owel, raven and pheasant. This is also a good place to spot bats.

Vered Zur will lead a walk through Jenkinstown wood this Saturday (May 30th) meeting in the Carpark at 2 pm. This family friendly excursion will last no more than 2 hours. Be sure to pack a picnic and bring the blanket.

For more information on Jenkinstown park see
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