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A way to unleash people’s potential and creativity

In 1795 Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet entitled “Agrarian Justice” wherein he argued that every citizen should be given a basic annual income on the sole basis that he or she is a citizen. The justification for this “gift” was that before humans ever populated the earth, land didn’t belong to anyone and it was only much later that individuals acquired land for themselves. With this, the landless were prevented from growing their own food and, in compensation, landowners should be obliged to pay a tax which would then be distributed to all.

You are invited to join us at the meeting of a new Social Enterprise initiative incorporating community, County Council, local business. This is an opportunity for community groups and or individuals to be involved in a new community social enterprise pioneering initiative; supporting local producers, entrepreneurs and social enterprise for a pilot project starting in […]

Like many others I first met Richard through his book ‘The Growth Illusion’. His writings changed my world view, influenced many of the decisions I made throughout my life and are the root cause of the large volume of books I have amassed on economics and sustainability. In the last few years, through the Transition […]

Well done to Sinead Cranwell who recently started a Veggie Box scheme here in Kilkenny supplying organic vegetables and Eggs. She goes under the name ‘Heart of the Earth’ As many can’t always make it to Thurs farmers market a box scheme is a welcome initiative as well as an opportunity to support our local […]

Training Program for September/October 2011 Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency ( in association with Kilkenny Leader Partnership ( has listed courses for their Green Energy Training program commencing this September. Targeted at individuals wishing to up-skill and access growing opportunities in Ireland’s Green Energy Sector. Renewable Energy Systems Green Building Biomass heating systems – installation Biomass […]

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