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Future Proof Kilkenny

To coincide with this weeks “Future Proof your Business” seminar we have added an evening event called “The Money Bubble” – all are welcome.

Thursday 27th November, Butler House, 8pm, 5€, Tea & Coffee, All welcome

First its inflation, now its deflation. Does anyone really know whats going on, or is it all just out of control?

This event will try to explain the unravelling in the global economy and why our current monetary system is no longer fit for purpose.

Following a 40minute documentary film called “Money as Debt“, David Korowicz from FEASTA (Foundation for the Economic of Sustainability) will give a talk called “Building the future in an uncertain present”. The evening will conclude with a discussion on what we can do locally and explore options for setting up a local currency such as those being promoted by Transition Town groups throughout the world.

Below is an inspiring clip of the launch of the Lewes pound in the UK.

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