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Future Proof Kilkenny

Paulstown. Pic James Burke

To cope with the bad weather Carlow and Kilkenny county councils have established emergency response teams which can be contacted at the following numbers:

Kilkenny Emergency Response Team    056 7794145

Carlow Emergency Response Team       1890 500 333

If you are snow bound and require assistance or have no water, no fuel, or transportation please feel free to call these numbers.

Travel Information

For a list of roads which have been treated or are too dangerous to drive visit the Kilkenny County Council’s website which provides daily reports and an interactive map of the county.

Water Information

If you are without drinking water contact the emergency number above. If you feel it is safe enough to make the journey and bring your own containers the local authority are dispensing drinking water at the WaterShed on the ring road and at the following locations.

School closures, Sporting cancellations

For up to date information tune into KCLR96fm or visit their SNOWLINE which provides a detailed list of weather reports, cancelled events, school closures etc from around the counties.

Help your neighbour

Most importantly, drop into your neighbours, especially the old. If you have concerns for their safety contact the emergency response numbers above.

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