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Future Proof Kilkenny

Heritage wheat variety ripening in Jerpoint

Speaking at last Sunday’s “Sound Bites and Food for Thought” event Michael Miklis described a proposed Grain Share project, the details of which you can find below. Its a great idea along the lines of community supported agriculture that can provide a tangible return for people’s investment whilst at the same time supporting Irish farmers.

Irish Biodynamic farmers want to create a strong, direct relationship with Irish consumers. ‘Grain Share’ does this and promotes an active partnership that secures proven seed for future harvest’s, improves food security via seed security & supports a sustainable way of farming.

For 75euro,- paid now, invested now, you receive 100kg of cereal (wheat, oats seed of the 2010 cereal (wheat) harvest. This initiative supports the Irish biodynamic farmer to grow directly for you.
Biodynamically grown cereals are grown under the best and harmonious conditions without use of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, artificial or mineral fertilisers.

All the consumer receives is clean, vibrantly alive seed. This fresh seed/grain can be milled into flour, or sprouted, or cooked. Freshly milled flour contains all the nutrients enzymes etc. – no additives needed. All grain ex farm where it is grown.

Seed security = food security

For booking your share, or more information contact:

Michael Miklis (share-co-ordinator)
at the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Ireland
Camphill Jerpoint, Jerpoint, Co. Kilkenny.

Tel: 051347245
Email: bdaai[at]indigo[dot]ie

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