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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for the 'Economics and Livelihoods' Category

Imagine two field mice discover an overturned truck of grain. From their perspective they have hit the jackpot – an unlimited food supply. As they feed on the grain and reproduce their numbers double, say every two months, as does their consumption of grain. After 2 years they have consumed all the grain and experience […]

To celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight(22nd Feb-7th March), Kilkenny City Council is hosting a Fair Trade Talk on Friday the 26th of February in City Hall at 2.30pm.  Representatives from Fairtrade Mark Ireland will speak to provide an update on Irish Fair Trade promotional activities before Josephat Sylvand, a coffee exporter from Tanzania speaks about the […]

The Inaugural meeting of Kilkenny Economic Forum will take place on Thursday 18th February at 8pm at Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel. This group will discuss the imminent limits to economic growth and develop a local response to these issues All are welcome to attend

“The idea of a non-growing economy may be anathema to an economist, but the idea of a continually growing economy is anathema to an ecologist” – Jim Jackson, Prosperity without Growth, Sustainable Development Commission. “I will accept the possibility of infinite growth in the economy on the day that one of my economist colleagues can […]

We were going to hold a competition to design the look of the Kilkenny Katz but it looks like Paul Young, cartoonist at the Kilkenny People has beaten us to it! His design of a 1 Cat note, based on a US dollar, features Brian Cody in place of George Washington and the phrase “In […]

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