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Tuesday 28th  September, Butler House, Patrick  St., Kilkenny Future Proof Kilkenny continues its series of talks and workshops on environmental issues with a lecture from Vinay Gupta called “Through the looking Glass”. Vinay is co-author of “Winning the Oil Endgame” and speaks widely on the subject of peak oil and crisis management and is noted […]

Wednesday 4th August, 7:30pm, Butler House, Kilkenny We are delighted to welcome Nicole Foss to Kilkenny for a public lecture on the Financial Crisis and Peak Oil. Nicole writes under the pen name of “Stoneleigh” at The Automatic Earth about the inter-relationship of energy and finance with a focus on how individuals and communities can prepare […]

Peak Oil and the collapse of global finance are a “perfect storm” of converging phenomena that threaten to sink our age of prosperity through wealth destruction and propel us into a second Great Depression. Stoneleigh, editor of the popular financial blog “The Automatic Earth“, describes in the podcast below how our current financial system is […]

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th May, Parade Tower, Kilkenny This conference will focus on how local economies can become resilient in the face of peak oil, climate change and global economic uncertainty. The conference will bring together experienced campaigners, educators and economists from France, the US, Australia, the UK and Ireland. The conference is divided […]

The second meeting of the Kilkenny Economic Forum, an off-shoot of Future Proof Kilkenny, will take place this coming Thursday 25th March at 8pm in the Ormonde Hotel. All are welcome. The subject of this months meeting is local currencies, electronic loyalty schemes and liquidity networks. The purpose of the meeting is to inform about […]

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