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Future Proof Kilkenny

Christendom Active Gardens & Allotments

Are you interested in growing your own produce?

Christendom Active Gardens & Allotments are a community based initiative of the Ferrybank Socio Economic Development Committee. Our aim is to provide people with the opportunity to grow their own produce and share advice.

In conjunction with Kilkenny Allotment Association and with the support of the Waterford Food Producers Network the project aims to provide a 24 plot allotment in the Ferrybank area.

We need to demonstrate to Kilkenny County Council that local residents are interested in this initiative.

So if you are interested and would like more information please contact us or 051 832 865 or visit our website

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener all are welcome.

Christendom Active Gardens & Allotments
Building a Better Community

One Comment to “Building a Better Community”

  1. on 30 Oct 2008 at 1:37 pmMichael Miklis

    Sowing Future and harvest for a Future.

    Are the 2 aims which we want to interest you in.
    We want to give you the opportunity to invest in to “futures” which are real and not fictive or just an image.
    You will actively sow and harvest (a proportion of the total area in order to connect with your investment and all the others who share with you the aim and hope for the future of the crop and you shall harvest and sow thrash and reap the benefit via a farm fest in the following fall .

    Sowing by hand is an archetype movement and it is something, which connects you to earth and haven. In time, to the moment, thru the past, the seed in your hand and future, the seed you sow in to the earth, the bearer of your future!

    You become active in the here and now and also with a hope for the future. The sowing of the seed for the next harvest. a You will be welcome to observe the development of your and your fellow friends sowing and you will be invited to harvest and celebrate and enjoy your harvest through baking of bread and pizzas, cakes…. You will connect to a peace of earth, to a farm, the product of the farm, you can become a real partner in the farm development you will also learn to understand some of the problems which farmers encounter, you can become an integral part of solving the problems you will share and become a share holder, your share will have real value!
    The highest financial returns you can get at the moment are around 6% per annum, how would it be if we would offer you a share of €1.5 euro = wheat 1.5 kg (seed wheat) this will entitle you to 3 kg of wheat at harvest (100% return with in 11 month) 3 kg doesn’t bring you very far. 3kg would be enough to keep you ticking over for a fortnight so you would have to invest at least 26 times 1.5 this means you would need 39 kg for safety reasons say at lest 40kg investment in order to receive 80 kg for consumption but you should consider that you do not want to invest much more money the next year so build up a seed reserve in this case 20 kg next years money investment would be only € 37.5 year. I would suggest an investment of 50kg of seed wheat = € 75.– for a family of 4 you would invest € 300 or 200 kg of seed wheat in order to receive 400kg of cereals. ( to guarantee you a existence from harvest to harvest) This equals an area of 2000square meters( or a half an acre) per Family unit of 4 as the factor seed to expected minimum yield is 1:10 and the sowing rate is 20g per square meter which means 0.2kg yield or 500m square per person needed to guarantee a yield of 100kg’s I recommend 7 shares to the acre in order to allow 1 share as “seed” reserve 8 shares pare acre we offer 70 shares @ € 75. the financial investment is € 5250 Share’s are investet in seed, cultivation, care, handling, harvesting, drying , cleaning, ploughing sowing = entitlement for 100 kg of cereal for consumption after harvest.
    If you take the factor of X 10 this would mean your investment would actually yield 2000kg but you would only receive 400kg. The remainder of 1600 kg shall be remuneration for the farmer for his work, providing, the land, sowing, care for the crop, harvesting, cleaning provide the cereal for the subscribers and make seed for the next season available for reinvestment in this case the price for the first shareholder should be reduced to 50% the other 50% shall be carried by the farmer as seed input. And their shall also be a reserve in order to have in time of need (natural disaster)The wheat and cereals are all out of biodynamic or at least organic production and seed breeding. We also make a clear public statement, that our future shall not be infringed by multinationals via patents, on some genes, in cultivated or wild plants and animals.
    We will become Stuarts of the seeds and will contribute to the Seed breeder of the varieties we use in an ongoing basis as we need their skills.
    But we also will try to maintain the seed we obtained as long as we feel it is a viable.
    As “Seed-holder” we are interested to maintain the seed quality and will contribute to equipment needed to dry, clean, store and handle the same. Details how we can achieve this we should work out together during the growing season
    If this is in any way of interest to you please contact
    Michael Miklis, Administrator
    Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Ireland
    Tel/Fax 056 7754214

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