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Future Proof Kilkenny

12 December 2009 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Nine Stones carpark, Mt. Leinster

To coincide with the Copenhagen Climate summit and raise awareness about the 350 campaign Future Proof supporter Cathy Fitzgerald and her partner, Martin, are organising a torch lit vigil on Mt. Leinster on 12th December.

Mt. Leinster is one of Ireland’s most prominent Mountains on the Carlow/Wexford border. The vigil will begin at the Nine Stones carpark and will be torch lit. Weather permitting lanterns will be released to show Ireland’s support for ensuring our leaders make the best new deal for a legally binding, international, Climate Change policy, for us all.

What to bring: torches, matches, cameras, warm clothing, wet gear, boots and a smile

Event organiser: Martin Lyttle, 0876017051 (some volunteers also needed)

See more event details here on the website. aims to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere to below 350 parts per million. We are already well above this at 387ppm. From the end of the last ice age to just before the industrial revolution the CO2 level was stable at 270-280ppm, a period of 12,000 years.

During this time a relatively stable climate enabled our civilisation to develop to where it is at today. Yet, in only 150 years we have increased the CO2 concentration by almost 1/3 and it is continuing to increase at around 2ppm per year. The science is becoming clear that due to the rapid acceleration of arctic ice melt and the increasing frequency of severe weather events we need to reduce our emissions and remove excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

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