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Future Proof Kilkenny

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There were many transition town groups present at Cultivate’s recent weekend intensive “Community Powerdown” workshop – including two of us from Kilkenny. The course is sub-titled “training for leadership, livelihoods and resilient communities”. A bit of a mouthful and daunting at first but what it really boils down to is three simple themes: Leadership Anyone […]

On bank holiday Monday we held our first transition event from ‘the Heart’ section of our program – a Halloween gathering in Mullins Mill. It was a great success with over 50 people of all ages attending. Pumpkin carving, bob apple, flour dunking, murals, face painting and willow making were just some of the activities […]

“The greatest challenges facing us now are climate change and fossil fuel depletion. The abundance of cheap oil has contributed to a huge shift in the way we live. A scarcity of oil will have devastating effects on our world as we rely so heavily on it for transport, food, manufacturing, health and of course […]

It is a sign of the times when a leading publication like the New Scientist runs an issue with 15 inside pages and it’s front cover questioning economic growth. What would have been heresy only last year is now mainstream. Even “peak oil” and “transition towns” get a mention! The lead article sets the scene […]

We had great feedback from our Transition Town Update evening with many people saying that it was the most enjoyable event so far! Central to the evening was the “Big Hand” exercise that explored how we might “power down” under the different themes of Energy, Waste, Food, Housing, Transport and so on. It was a […]

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