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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for the 'Peak Oil & Climate Change' Category

An illustrated public meeting on Wednesday 5 May 2010 at 8.00pm in Butler House, Kilkenny, by Professor John Sweeney President of An Taisce, and member of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Admission 5 euro An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland

It seems that the UK, at least, is finally waking up to the threat of Peak Oil. Sir David King, the UK Government’s former chief scientist has endorsed a new report by scientists and researchers from Oxford University that argue that official oil reserves are exaggerated by 1/3, should be downgraded from 1,350bn to 900bn […]

Each year across the globe Earth Hour is marked symbolically to awareness of the need to take action on climate change. This hour tries to highlight the carbon emmisions (and finances) saved by switching off all unneccessary lights and electrical equipment at night time. Earth Hour be celebrated globally on the 27th of March between […]

Bill McKibben ( and Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine) give their view on the failure of the COP15 talks.

I think it was Colin Campbell who first coined the term “Energy Slaves”. The concept derives from equating how much human muscle power we would need to harness in order to replace what we currently get from fossil fuels. Quite a lot as it turns out. In this BBC documentary a standard house is powered, […]

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