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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for February, 2009

Will we run out of money before we run out of oil? Its a serious question… Writing in yesterdays Irish Times economist Morgan Kelly warns that as Ireland’s credit rating falls there may come a point when the government will be unable to sell bonds and thus borrow money. If that happens the amount of […]

Anyone who has ever visited Ballytobin will be in no doubt that the camphill communities offer a model of how we can live sustainably in a post fossil fuel world and, in the process, have much healthier, fulfilling, wholesome lives that are enriched with a sense of community and connection with nature. Camphill communities were, […]

Castlecomer Discovery Park, 28th of February 2009, 12 noon – 4pm Hedge laying is a method of rejuvenating a hedge to improve its stock proofing capabilities & improving the habitat for wildlife. Come along and see hedge layers in action who will answer questions on this old country tradition. For further information ring Bernadette Moloney, […]

We use it every day but rarely think about where it comes from. Now our money supply is shrinking in a deflationary spiral with no end in sight. Where is it all going? The simple answer is that it is being paid back to the people we borrowed it from. For apart from the 2% […]

Energy is the ability to do work. Without energy nothing happens. We know this when we are sick, when there is a blackout, or when we run out of fuel. No Energy = No Work. Before the industrial revolution humanity was constrained by the limited amounts of energy that could be harvested from nature. To […]

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