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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for October, 2008

Apparently in the US right now there are shortages of gasoline in many states. This is a result of a loss in refinery capacity due to impacts of the hurricane season. If there was a run on the pumps and everyone topped up their tanks the US would be out of Gasoline! Whilst not directly […]

An open meeting will talk place on Thursday 23rd October in Friary Hall in Callan at 7:30pm to explain the transition process and explore the possibility and interest level in starting a transition town initiative within the town. All are welcome. TRANSITION TOWN CALLAN Are you interested in becoming involved in a transition initiative in […]

On 18th September we held our first event of the season, a seminar on sustainable transport solutions. We heard from the car sharing company, GoCar and electric car company Greenaer but for us, the most interesting aspect was to hear from the existing individuals and organisations within Kilkenny already implementing and pressing for sustainable transport […]

Richard Heinberg is one of the world’s foremost educators on Peak Oil and author of “The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the fate of Industrial Societies”. Here he explains Peak Oil clearly and to the point in this 4 minute clip. You can see more of Heinberg’s work here on his blog site and here […]

At the end of our Transition Town meeting on 3rd October we finished with a reading of extracts from Joanna Macy’s book “Coming Back To Life”. Many were inspired by her insights and have asked for the text to be posted here. In the Great Turning to a sustainable civilization, we become aware of how […]

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