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Future Proof Kilkenny

As part of next Saturday’s Green Day in MacDonagh Junction we will be holding a series of free short talks and films above Gloria Jean’s coffee shop in the workhouse square. Its a broad mix of subjects from home energy to local food production to waste and recycling – something for everyone! Below is the fold is the full program.

Green Day talks and films upstairs in Gloria Jean’s

Story of Stuff

11:00am – 11:20am, ANIMATION

Very funny and thought provoking documentary examining how all the “stuff” in our lives affects communities and the environment.

Time for an oil change

12:00pm – 12:30pm, TALK

Its time we moved off oil before it moves off us. This short talk will explain in simple terms the phenomena of “Peak oil” and how it will effect us.

Back to the land

13:00pm – 13:25pm    DOCUMENTARY

A documentary film on how local food production, farmers markets, and allotment gardens will become more and more important in tackling climate change and preparing for peak oil.

Heating your home with green energy

14:00pm – 14:30pm    TALK

A brief overview of the different types of technology that you can employ to heat your home. Insulation options, water/space heating and renewable electricity will be covered. A good primer on green energy.

The Village

15:00pm – 15:20pm    TV SHOW

Cloughjordan’s ‘eco-village’ features in this short TV Show by Cultivate. low energy housing, district heating, allotment gardens and a community supported farm are just some elements of this fascinating model of sustainable communities.

The Trouble with Money

16:00pm – 16:30pm    TALK

Who is to blame for the current crisis? Is it the government, the bankers, the developers or is there a deeper problem?  This talk will explore “The Trouble with Money”

Justica Now!

17:00pm – 17:30pm    FILM

The story of how 30,000 Ecuadorean rainforest dwellers brought a lawsuit against Chevron/Texaco for damage to the environment and to public health.

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