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Future Proof Kilkenny
We are delighted to welcome Richard Douthwaite back to Kilkenny this week and host FEASTA‘s technical meeting on their electronic local currency proposal called the Liquidity Network. Richard visited Kilkenny in June for a preliminary meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Malcolm Noonan to explore the possibility of establishing a local currency in Kilkenny. Unlike the paper currencies such as the Lewes pound which simply exchanges national currency for local currency the Liquidity Network is an attempt to actually create an alternative means of exchange in order to ease the cash flow problems being experienced by Kilkenny businesses and the local authorities. Below the fold are details of the workshops being held over the next few days. Anybody that is interested is welcome to attend.

Technical meeting of the FEASTA Liquidity Group – FEASTA members

Date&Time: Thursday 27th 2pm-5:30pm

Location: Chamber Of Commerce board room

At some stage during the afternoon an informal introduction to members of the Chamber will be made. This will probably be over coffee and is intended to be a personal introduction only, not a presentation of the system. Although this workshop is primarily for the FEASTA group if you wish to attend please contact brian[at]click2go[dot]ie


Date&Time: Thursday 27th 6pm-8pm

Location: Zuni’s

Anyone (who can afford it) is welcome to attend this diner. The FEASTA people are staying in Zuni’s on Thursday night.

Master Class in Local Currencies – Open to all

Date&Time: Thursday 27th 8pm-10pm

Location: Back of Ryan’s Pub

The aim of this workshop is to present the proposed local currency to Future Proof Kilkenny members and get as many questions and comments as possible. It will also be a chance to ask questions about the general money situation and why need local currencies in the first place.

Open Workshop – FEASTA members & Future Proof Members

Date&Time: Friday 28th 9:30am-1pm

Location: Council Offices (to be confirmed)

The content of this workshop is open and depends upon the outcome of Thursday. One suggestion is to perform a role play with mock money in order to evaluate certain aspects of the system. To make this session work we need at least 6 volunteers from Future Proof. If you are available to attend please contact brian[at]click2go[dot]ie

At some stage during the morning, probably over coffee, an informal introduction will be made to the council finance team.

One Comment to “Local Currency Workshops”

  1. on 26 Aug 2009 at 2:38 pmMark Herpel

    That sounds very exciting. We would like to learn more about the Liquidity Network. It was mentioned last month in our magazine, Community Currency Magazine.


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