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Future Proof Kilkenny

Richard Douthwaite taking questions at a workshop on local currencies in Kilkenny

Given the short notice we had a fantastic turnout for Richard Douthwaite’s talk on Tuesday last. Over 40 people packed into Butler House to hear about “Ireland’s economic outlook from an energy perspective”. To begin the evening we started with a thirty minute primer on our debt-based money system and how the paper currencies springing up around the world function. This was sort of a warm-up act before the real thing! From our perspective RIchard didn’t disappoint and laid out the hard facts of how Ireland’s situation is bleak given our over-dependence on imported fossil fuels and our increasingly heavy debt burden. It was a big picture talk looking at how peak oil is central to industrial society and how a continual contraction in global economic activity is inevitable as we head down the other side of the “petroleum interval”.

When the talk ended we had a short break to take it all in. Expecting that most people would run for the hills we were surprised and delighted to see almost everyone return for the Q&A. There was a real sense of people from all walks of life wanting to get involved, find some answers and discuss how we can get out of this mess. One suggestion was to disassemble Mayor Malcolm’s gold chains and use them as a means of exchange!

The presentations were recorded for those who couldn’t make it and they will shortly be available online. You can also read a summary of what paper currencies are all about here.

Richard Douthwaite came to Kilkenny by invitation of Mayor Malcolm Noonan and Future Proof Kilkenny for a meeting with the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce and other interested parties. Can’t say too much right now but looks like we might be trading in “Katz” in the not too distant future!

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