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Future Proof Kilkenny

Butler House, 16 Patrick St, Kilkenny  8pm Tuesday 7th July

We are delighted to welcome Richard Douthwaite to Kilkenny next Tuesday evening for a public talk. Richard is an economist, journalist and author specialising in energy, climate and sustainability issues. He is the co-founder of the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (Feasta), an economics think-tank based in Ireland. His books include The Growth Illusion (1992), widely regarded as a classic, Short Circuit (1996) and The Ecology of Money (1999).

To begin the evening Brian Dillon of Future Proof Kilkenny will give a brief overview of local currencies with a particular focus on the paper currencies being adopted around the world including the “Kenmare Youro”. This will be followed by an in-depth analysis of Ireland’s economic outlook from an energy perspective by Richard.

Richard has been invited to Kilkenny by Mayor Malcolm Noonan for a workshop on Wednesday morning with the Chamber of Commerce and other interested parties on how to set up a local currency in Kilkenny. We hope that representatives from the business community, local authority, credit union and tourist board will attend. For further details on this workshop and to book a place contact brian[at]click2go[dot]ie.

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