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Future Proof Kilkenny

We were going to hold a competition to design the look of the Kilkenny Katz but it looks like Paul Young, cartoonist at the Kilkenny People has beaten us to it!

His design of a 1 Cat note, based on a US dollar, features Brian Cody in place of George Washington and the phrase “In Cody We Trust”. The notes are issued by the “Kilkenny Federal Reserve” and are declared legal tender for all debts, public and private, in the “United Towns of Kilkenny”.

The cartoon ties in with this week’s front page article “New Cat currency to boost local economy”. The article, which was unexpected, describes the ongoing work by Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Malcolm Noonan and ourselves on how best to introduce a local currency into Kilkenny. You can read more about local currencies here.

2 Comments to “In Cody we trust!”

  1. on 18 Nov 2009 at 11:09 amRage-Dude

    Did you switch the title from the previous article with the one on the Kilkenny Katz local currency. Mr. Young’s pathetic attempt to create a Kilkenny Katz note could only have happened in the ‘Age of Stupid.’ This is a serious issue for the county of Kilkenny and requires ‘best of breed’ specialists to bring this much needed initiative to a reality and save something of our local economy. We’ll be watching this space closely!


  2. on 14 Feb 2010 at 5:47 pmYard-Man

    Great idea!
    Follow best practice from the Totnes pound, experience in England, and get it in circulation.
    I like the design of the Paul Young Kilkenny Katz as it looks as real and fiat as any other money at today.
    As regards to a Kilkenny fedral reserve bank I think its a great idea and Paul should be its first chairman.
    All the best.


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