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Future Proof Kilkenny

The Global Lunch box series of lunchtime talks and workshops began last Friday in Rothe House. The title of the first lunch box was “The Three E’s” and looked at the relationship between energy, the economy and the environment.  It set the scene for all subsequent talks in that we looked at “The Big Picture” and where each lunch box fits.

As before the format of a lunch box is a power point presentation and/or short film or documentary clip followed by a discussion, usually in small groups.  Nothing too intimidating, just a different way to spend a lunchtime learning about the global issues bearing down on us, hearing how local solutions play a vital part and meeting other like-minded individuals who share the same concerns and are looking for ways to act.

On top of this you get tea/coffee, a nice place to eat your sambo and free entry to the wonderful Rothe house gardens – what more can you ask for! The next lunchbox is “Carbon Handprints” this coming Friday the 27th March followed by “Story of Stuff” on 3rd April. After Easter we have “Back to the Land” on 24th April, “Show me the Money” on 1st May and finally “Where do we go from here?” on 8th May. Full details available here.

You can view the presentations from last Friday’s lunch box by clicking on the links below

The Three E’s: Energy, the Economy and the Environment

Why did the Oil price soar?

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