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Future Proof Kilkenny

Below are details on our forthcoming “Future Proof Your Business” seminar. Booking is not essential but places are limited. Admission is €20, payable on the day. Download the flyer here.
Tel: Paul Brennan, 056 4440593
Email: paul[at]
Thursday 27th November, Butler House, 9:30am-2pm, 20€, Lunch Provided

With oil prices falling and a recession around the corner now is the time to protect your business against future volatility in energy prices and global economic uncertainty. In its 2008 report the International Energy Agency warns that “sources of oil to meet rising demand, the cost of producing it and the prices that consumers will need to pay for it are extremely uncertain”. The UK Industry Peak Oil task force expects a permanently decreasing global oil supply from 2011-2013. This seminar will focus on the impacts that Peak Oil will have on local business in terms of energy, supply-chain disruption and economic turbulence. What participants will gain is an understanding of the issues, guidelines on adapting their business model to these changing circumstances, and case studies of renewable energy projects within Kilkenny.

“Oil Vulnerability Auditing” – Simon Snowden

For businesses, limiting the impact of volatile oil prices is a growing challenge. Their strategic response to oil-based turbulence in the business environment may determine whether they succeed, limp along or fail altogether. Consequently, businesses need to understand the direct and indirect contribution that oil makes to their day-to-day operations. The University of Liverpool Management School has developed the “Oil Vulnerability Audit” – a methodology and set of tools to help businesses assess how vulnerable they are to rising oil prices.

Simon Snowden lectures at the University of Liverpool Management School. His research interests are primarily centred on understanding the impact of oil/resource depletion on business and how organisations can mitigate this impact and even develop competitive advantage through crisis. He has talked widely on the subject of oil depletion and the impact of business including addressing the All Part Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil at the House of Commons

“Building the future in an uncertain present’” – David Korowicz

Resilient communities need resilient businesses. What the business community can do now will determine how Kilkenny copes with the increasing economic impacts of a declining energy base and a world economy heading for recession. The economic impacts of Peak Oil, in particular Inflation, GDP and Debt financing need to be understood and planned for by any business, big or small.

David Korowicz is a physicist and human systems ecologist. He is on the executive of Feasta, the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability. He runs Policy Mapping for Transitions in Crisis, a risk management framework for adapting to the systemic risks associated with peak energy, the economy, food security, and climate. He has lectured widely on these issues.

“Resource consumption and efficiency management”  – Kara Flannery

Kara Flannery from GreenBusiness will speak on “Resource consumption and efficiency management” – an impartial advice service to SMEs including online audit tools, free site visit and follow-up report.

“Case studies of Renewable energy projects within Kilkenny” – John Murphy & Colm Byrne

John Murphy of Castlecomer District Community Development Network (CDCDN) and Colm Byrne from Glas Energy will present “Case studies of Renewable energy projects within Kilkenny” and examine the challenges encountered, solutions found, and the energy and monetary savings made.

“Setting the Scene” – Brian Dillon

Between Climate Change and Peak Oil the squeeze is on. Not only do we have to reduce our emissions to tackle climate change but we are entering an era when global oil supply will tighten leading to high prices and scarcity. Setting the scene will outline the challenges ahead and explain the role of Transition Towns in preparing for this future.

Brian Dillon is an Engineer and director of an SME in Kilkenny manufacturing technical aids for people with disabilities. As a founding member of Future Proof Kilkenny, Brian is keenly aware of the economic and social impacts that peak oil will bring and advocates a strong response from the political, business and community sectors to recognise and manage the transition.

This seminar is being organised by Future Proof Kilkenny in co-operation with the Kilkenny County Enterprise Board.

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