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Future Proof Kilkenny

Some upcoming events and meetings over the next few days that you may be interested in….

Future Proof Kilkenny Meeting

Cleeres Pub (back room), Parliament St., 8pm Thursday 8th January

The first meeting of the new year will take place this coming Thursday in Cleeres pub at 8pm. We will be discussing the program for the coming year, continuation of the Green Screen and a re-run of the Global Lunch Box, part funded by the Kilkenny County Council. All are welcome.

“400 Fruit Tree” Planning Meeting

BNS Office, Parliament St., 10am Wed 14th January

A planning meeting for the proposed “400 Fruit Tree” project for Kilkenny and environs will take place downstairs in the BNS office, Parliament St. at 10am Wed 14th.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • outline the project to those wishing to contribute time and/or resources
  • set out a timetable for the project (site identification, tree purchasing, planting, pruning)
  • set a date/weekend for the planting – in order that it be included in the 400 celebrations
  • to suggest additional activities/events that can be organised around the project
  • fund raising, sponsorship & gift cards, promotional information etc

If you wish to attend this meeting please contact brian[at]

You can find additional information about the project here.

Green Economic growth seminar

Liberty Hall theatre, Eden Quay, Dublin 1, 2:30pm Sat 10th January

A seminar on economic growth and specifically, as I understand it, whether or not economic growth as measured by GDP can continue in a world of declining resources, especially energy resources. Speakers include;

  • Ann Pettifor – UK based political economist and author
  • Peter Clynch – Environmental Economist & Special Advisor to An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen
  • Richard Douthwaite – Foundation for teh Economics of Sustainability will present the Feasta insights.
  • Sue Scott – Economic & Social Research Institute
In preparation for the seminar the Green party’s Social and Economics Policy Group commissioned a report on economic growth. This report was written by David Korowicz of FEASTA who spoke recently at our Future Proof your Business seminar. The report is available here and is an excellent critique of economic growth drawing together perspectives from ecology, economics (money = debt), environmental science, systems thinking and of course the big challenges ahead, peak oil and climate change.

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