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Future Proof Kilkenny

Interest has been expressed by a number of groups in recent months in community composting. Bernadette Moloney, Kilkenny Environment Officer has organized a workshop with leading composting expert, Craig Benton to run a workshop on Community Composting for interested groups.
21st of September 2010.
7.30pm in Hotel Kilkenny

Community composting is a unit central to the local area where small amounts green waste can be collected and allowed to decay in a controlled environment. This community composting talk will not cover central community composting for houses i.e food waste.


1. Brief presentation on biology of composting

2. Presentation of systems for handling garden and landscape materials: mulching, holding systems, leaf mould, turning systems and grass cycling

3. Discussion of the issues surrounding the development of a community composting scheme: what, how, where, who, etc….

Tea/Coffee Break followed by a

4. Small Group Exercise: creating a community composting plan

5. Discussion of each plan and getting feedback from the group

6. Discussion of next steps….
After the seminar, groups who are still interested in starting a community composting unit will be asked to submit further details of their plan to the Environmental Awareness Officer (EAO) in October. All submissions received will be assessed by the EAO and Mr Benton against a competition criteria and one submission will be awarded funding for a Kilkenny Community Composting Pilot Project. Funding will cover the construction cost of the unit and training for community members who will operate and the composting unit.

The funding opportunity to create a community composting unit is limited to Tidy Town Groups and Development Associations however if other interested groups/persons wish to attend the seminar, all are welcome to attend once they book a place with before the 17th of September.

Booking Contact:
Bernadette Moloney
Kilkenny Environmental Awareness Officer

Telephone 056-7794487 /

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