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Future Proof Kilkenny

Monday 21st June, 12pm, Castle Park

A "Katy" heritage apple tree that was planted only this year bearing fruit in June at the Good Shepherd.

To celebrate our acheivements over the last year in the 400 Fruit Tree project and to remember the lives of Susie Long, Barbara Gill, Avril Duffy (Kilkenny Earthwatch group) and Steve Clayton (late husband of Tisha Warner – 400 Fruit Tree project) a stone plaque will be unveiled at the Orchard site in Kilkenny Castle next Monday.

The ceremony will take place at 12pm with Mayor Malcolm Noonan doing the honours. If you were involved in the project in anyway do come along. Hopefully all the sites that were planted throughout the year will be represented.

This event does not mark the end of the project in anyway. To the contrary, we are in the process of establishing a “Kilkenny Fruit Tree Group” to maintain the existing orchards, plant new ones and introduce soft fruits and perennial plants – edible gardens. The core aim of the group is to promote the concept of edible landscapes and to scale up Kilkenny’s ability to provide itself with it’s own fruit. (if you wish to get involved contact brian[at]click2go[dot]ie).

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  1. on 17 Jun 2010 at 2:45 pmForgotten fruits «

    […] June 17, 2010 by agrobiodiversitie I’ve blogged about Kilkenny’s 400 Fruit Trees project, honouring among other things it’s long history as a famous apple growing region in times past, […]

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