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Future Proof Kilkenny

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If you were to go down to the woods in Jenkinstown on Sunday (Jun 9) you would sure have a big surprise!! The serene calm of the woods was stirred by the arrival of several hundred concerned citizens who came to protest against the proposed sale of Coillte forests. Over 20 such walks took place […]

Oct – Dec 2012 Join us again at the Hole in the Wall, High Street, Kilkenny, for Future Proof Kilkenny’s 6th season of films exploring the global issues of sustainability, justice, equality and the environment. Films start at 8pm.  Admission is free of charge but a contribution of €5 is appreciated to cover our costs. […]

In season 5 of our Green Screen we showed ‘The Vanishing of the Bees’, which followed two Bee keepers as they tried to maintain their pollination contracts. Their difficulty stemmed from the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between mankind and mother earth. Now in season 6, we […]

The second Green Screen event of this season continues this Tues 8 November, 8pm at the Hole in the Wall. We will show 2 shorts focusing on the issues of Food, energy and resilience. The Canadian tar sands oil extraction is a clear message to the world that we’re on the brink of oil depletion. […]

After the usual summer recess,  Future Proof Kilkennys’ Green Screen returns to The Hole in the Wall bringing movies with imporant and usually entertaining messages to Kilkenny.  Through Oct/Dec we’ll be showing 4 movies each with a different theme, Fracking, Food, Forestry and Family. The Green Screen sees no shortage of relevant, thought provoking films […]

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