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In 1795 Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet entitled “Agrarian Justice” wherein he argued that every citizen should be given a basic annual income on the sole basis that he or she is a citizen. The justification for this “gift” was that before humans ever populated the earth, land didn’t belong to anyone and it was only much later that individuals acquired land for themselves. With this, the landless were prevented from growing their own food and, in compensation, landowners should be obliged to pay a tax which would then be distributed to all.

Today this idea is witnessing a comeback in the face of massive unemployment and unequal distribution of wealth. It is no more just a question of land ownership but having access to a job or having the basic means to pursue a living. The present system accepts a certain percentage of unemployment and the welfare system tries to make it possible for people to survive. However, in order to do this we have created a huge administration where people have to prove that they are in need, or unable to work, or unable to get work – any work – to be entitled to hand outs. But will we ever be without the unemployed or, what is called, unemployables? Highly unlikely.

Any company is trying to cut costs. Labour costs occupy the highest position in any annual account. Science and modern technology are continually researching for ever better ways to replace the worker with machines. There will be fewer jobs for non-skilled workers and in addition, there will be fewer skilled workers necessary to do the work. It is intrinsic to the system that the unemployment rate will grow. The situation is such that fewer people will have jobs and those who do have jobs will earn very good salaries whereas the rest will be looking for ways to get one of those well paid jobs.

The idea of a basic income means that we accept the fact that there will be ever fewer jobs but that we do not demand that people look for jobs when there are none: instead they are free to do what they really want to do. If they can find a job that is fine; if they prefer to grow their own food; look after a sick person; paint, start their own business; play music, whatever – they receive a basic income to do this. Because they do not need to prove anything, they are free to prove that they are creative, have initiative and want to do something rather than stand in a line to sign on and be humiliated.

The initiative “Basic Income Ireland” will present the idea and the way forward on
Thursday, March 7th, 7-9 pm, Auxilia 1, North Campus, NUI, Maynooth.
For more info email:
Attendance is free and everyone is welcome.

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