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Future Proof Kilkenny

Future Proof Kilkenny is part of the Transition Town movement, a growing network of cities, towns and villages around the world who are facing up to the challenges of peak oil and climate change and responding with creative community led initiatives.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities and explore how Kilkenny can make its transition to a more sustainable future. The focus is on small-scale positive solutions that strengthen communities, promote local food production and create economic resilience.

Our programme of events tackles the head, the heart and the hands of the transition process. We hope that there is something for everybody and are always looking for volunteers, donations, support and suggestions.

A localised, more self reliant future is both inevitable and desirable. It is up to us to make the transition. Do get involved.

Group Contacts

General Enquiries/Web

Paul Brennan – t: 0564440593 – e: paul[at]


Brian Dillon – t: 0567725913 – e: brian[at]


Colm Byrne – t: 0868181825 – e: colm[at]

Health, Heart & Soul

Elinor Mountain – t: 0868179459 – e: elinor.mountain[at]


Vered Zur – t: 0861910302 – e: veredboaz[at]

Part of the transition process is to form subgroups with a focus on different aspects of life in a town, e.g. Food, Arts, Transport etc. If you are involved in an existing group or wish to form a new group please get in touch. The aim is not to replace the work of existing groups but to provide a forum where we can come together under a common objective of making a transition to a more sustainable future.

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