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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for September, 2009

Soldiers of Peace Tuesday 22nd September, 8:30pm, Billy Byrnes Pub, John Street, Kilkenny, 8€ The first event of the World March for Peace group’s Autumn program is a screening of the uplifting Soldiers of Peace movie on tuesday next. The pictures pile up, and with them some solid assumptions. We assume that war is human […]

Our local currency group has been working hard over the last two months running workshops and seminars including a slot at the Electric Picnic called The Money Clinic in Cultivate’s Rethink Tank. On Thursday last we made a formal presentation to the board of the Chamber of Commerce on what alternative exchange systems are all […]

The national debate on NAMA should be broadened to cover the issue of money creation for this is the root cause of many of the world’s problems today. Contrary to popular understanding money is not created on a printing press at the national mint but on a computer screen at a banking institution whenever a […]

MacDonagh Junction, Saturday 12th September, 1-5.30pm Quite a few members of Future Proof Kilkenny are involved in organising an event this coming Saturday in MacDonagh Junction to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. Please support this initiative if you are in town.

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