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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for May, 2009

Now in May, a walk in the woods will show up many differences from how things looked last autumn. The woodland is regaining its clothing and the life signs we saw earlier in the year are now well on their way to maturity. Some, like the Bluebells (a fantastic spectacle in Jenkinstown) have just about […]

No Planning required as the party booms within the Funky Seomra this Sunday at Castalia hall in Camphill, Ballytobin. So What is Funky Seomra? A dry disco! – only in one sense, Funky Seomra is a night full of games, visuals, cafe, relaxation and of course great dancing. The music is a fabulous mix of […]

MOOT (“to debate, to argue, to discuss, to dispute”) explores the potential role that artists, curators, educators and arts managers play in raising awareness of environmental issues and our ecology. Their next talk is this coming Wednesday 20th May. A little piece of Future Proof trivia is that the seeds of our organisation were sown […]

At the Cloughjordan EcoVillage, North Tipperary Permaculture is very much at the heart of the transition town movement. It is a holistic approach to the design of settlements and communities that looks at food , waste, housing, energy, water, education and employment and how these aspects of society can be provided for sustainably from within […]

Friends of the Earth will be in the Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford next Tuesday the 12th of May at 7.30pm as part of their road show of climate change talks happening around the country this spring. The talks are titled “The Big Ask: Can we stop climate change?” and are part of a […]

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