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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for January, 2009

The UK’s local government association have produced a document called “Volatile times: transport, climate change and the price of oil” which you can download here.  The report makes recommendations to local authorities about practical steps they can take to help households and businesses adapt [to peak oil]. It also offers some practical examples of action […]

Fair Trade Meeting, Langton House Hotel, John St., Kilkenny, Wed 28th Jan, 7:30pm Kilkenny City was awarded Fair Trade status in 2005 and Fair Trade products are widely available in city shops, restaurants and supermarkets.  In order to retain Fair Trade status a local steering group seeks to ensure that Kilkenny City continues to comply […]

The first meeting of the steering group took place on Wed 14th in the BNS basement. We started off with a short introduction from everybody on their background, organisation and why they wished to be involved. There is a great diversity of interests including; local food promotion networking with other groups promoting wildlife and beautifying […]

What an anticlimax. Not a word. No fanfare. Peak Oil has passed us by and nobody even noticed. It’s not for certain but many experts(1) say that July 2008 was it – the moment in time when the world passed over the top of Hubbert’s peak. From here on in global oil production is on […]

Some upcoming events and meetings over the next few days that you may be interested in…. Future Proof Kilkenny Meeting Cleeres Pub (back room), Parliament St., 8pm Thursday 8th January The first meeting of the new year will take place this coming Thursday in Cleeres pub at 8pm. We will be discussing the program for […]

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