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Future Proof Kilkenny

Archive for December, 2008

First poster for ‘A Crude Awakening’ 2008 has been a busy and fruitful year! We began with a series of film screenings in and around Kilkenny. At the time oil prices were on an upward trend so there was a lot of concern about the cost of fuel and interest in peak oil was, well, […]

Inspired by Totnes’s “Nut Tree Capital of Britain” project, Kilkenny is setting itself the goal of becoming the “Apple Tree City of Ireland” – next year! Conceived at a Future Proof Kilkenny meeting in the back of Cleere’s pub the project to plant apple trees in the city has been widened to include other fruit […]

Its a while ago now but below the fold is a review of the Transition Gathering at the Green Gathering back in August.

***POSTPONED UNTIL THE NEW YEAR*** In cooperation with the emerging Transition Town Thomastown group, Future Proof Kilkenny will show two films on Peak Oil at the Watergarden in December. Each screening will be followed by a workshop/discussion examining how Peak Oil will impact our way of life and what we can do locally to prepare […]

Some time ago during a “post-oil” visioning exercise we imagined Dunne Stores car park turned over entirely to farmer’s markets and local shops springing up in vacant buildings throughout the town. Well, Nellies farm shop on Upper Patrick St. is such a vision come true. What’s more, it is appropriately situated on the site of […]

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